7 Ways Anyone Can STOP Addiction

Stop Addiction
Stop Addiction

You will never be able to change a situation until you first admit and accept it. Denial is harmful to everyone, especially the addict. Accepting and accepting your circumstances does not imply that you enjoy them; rather, it indicates that you are willing to accept the reality of where you are in order to begin making changes. Only by embracing your current condition can you begin to alter it.

Accept there is a problem of addiction the way it is.

First and foremost, you must acknowledge that you have an addiction. Most importantly you should accept your own addiction and try to take help to whom you trust, can give you comfort and will not make you feel guilty and bad about yourself. This is why so many people feel that treatment assists them in navigating the difficult process of quitting.”So try to avoid doing everything.

Remind yourself of why you want to, and more importantly, why you need to, break the habits.

Be liable to someone.

Find a sponsor at your local rehab program, or enlist the support of a close friend or family member. You’ll be less likely to succumb to your addiction if you know someone is keeping an eye on you.


Therese J. Borchard, a mental health advocate, adds, “There is no depression buster as beneficial for me as exercise.” You’ll not only boost your overall health and well-being by working up a sweat, but you’ll also experience natural endorphin release.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that (CBT)

“When you have a craving,” Brittany Tackett, MA says, “you can choose to divert your attention to something else or distract yourself until the craving passes.”

You can also use visualization techniques to help you relax during a craving by picturing yourself in a pleasant environment.

Focus on yourself.

“We’ve all made mistakes in the past,” says a single phrase from a well-known Addiction Center essay. You will no longer feel the need for your addiction once you begin to learn to live your life without it.

Take command and control it by yourself. You have the ability and the right to be free of addiction.

Make a list of the negative consequences of your alcohol or drug addiction.

This isn’t going to be a happy exercise, but seeing the list written down in your own handwriting will help you resolve to end the addiction process in your life.

Take a few minutes to come up with a list similar to this one of as many negative impacts as you can remember.

Find a new passion.

Finding a new pastime can help you not only develop your character, but it can also serve as a terrific distraction during a drug or alcohol desire.

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